How To Learn Airbrushing. Step I.


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Last time, I didn’t have much time to post often. I wanted to buy a new camera, to make some photos for my blog. The camera that I already have, makes unnatural photographs, so I decided to change it. Meanwhile I made account on facebook and twitter. I have never done this before, so it took me a lot of time. I have integrated all account together, so now you can get all the information in a jiffy.

OK, I will start with the topic. Everyone thinks that it’s just the matter to buying an airbrush and everything is done. Everyone wants to see fast effects. After few hours people understand, that it’s not so easy, as they thought.

When I made the first painting on the wall I said: “Cool, I’m an artist!”. Nothing could be more wrong. When I tried to make something more detailed on paper my hands were shaking and I always sprayed the paint there, where I didn’t want. I understood that airbrushing requires a lot of practice.

Where to start? For the first time you should get to know with your GUN! I think that the most important thing at the beginning, is to disassemble your airbrush to pieces. You need to know how it works. You need to know that you should be careful with some parts, because they are delicate and easy to damage. The most fragile parts in the airbrush: the needle and the nozzle. When the shape of this parts is irregular, for sure you will have problems with airbrushing (I will add soon a procedure how to maintenance an airbrush).

From my experience I can say one thing: I realized it after 2 years, that the constantly problem with my airbrush, was caused by the lack of basic knowledge. Back to basics!




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My Tools Update.

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My Tools


My Paints.

ImageWhen you have all the tools needed for airbrushing, there is one thing left, the paints.

There are many paints that can be used in an airbrush. From a paint that confectioners put on cakes, to a paint that is used to paint on vehicles. The choice what paint do we exactly need, depends on our preferences what we want to paint.

If I could be honest I started painting with the cheapest paint on the market. I bought green acrylic paint dedicated for walls. This paint is used with a brush or a roller, but I tried it in an airbrush. I was shocked it was better than I thought. The most annoying thing in this paint was that it was clogging in my airbrush constantly, so I decided to change the paint.

The next step – gouaches. When I get this paint I realized that it was very thick. At the start I was mixing It with water but further I used hydrogen peroxide. The airbrush was still clogging and I was really upset.

I had problems with both paints and I needed some other material. I went to a shop and I bought an emulsion paint. It’s based on water and it’s also dedicated for walls. When I mixed the paint with hydrogen peroxide it was pretty well. The problem in this paint was, that I had only white paint, so I started to adding pigments. The effect was acceptable and the airbrush was clogging rarely.

I wanted to make some “art”. I searched in the internet for an easy image to paint and I found an angel with a sword. I made a sketch with a white chalk on my wall and I started to fill up everything. It was huge about 2,5m high and 3m width. I was so desperated that I stopped airbrushing and started brushing :D. The surface was too big for me and I stopped airbrushing at all. I left my wall destroyed for about a year :(.

I have finished the work in summer 2012. I was very motivated, I don’t know why but I was.


The work isn’t an art piece, but it’s a next step to become an airbrusher.

When the winter came I made myself an other present for Chrismas. I watched some internet shops with airbrush tools and I ordered acrylic paints dedicated for airbrush: it was the primary set of the Createx Classic Colours with some  Auto-Air Colours 4010 reducer.


It was a milestone for my airbrushing.

I hope you like my stories. Peace!

My Easel.

easele The easel.

When I had all equipment needed for my airbrush, I realized that I don’t have space to work with it. Like I wrote in More after few hours of painting my back hurts a lot. It was very uncomfortable to work in a non-ergonomic position. I started to think what could I do to avoid the pain. The best solution would be to buy an easel. The worst in it is the fact, that this kind of tool is expensive.

There are two kinds of easels: made of wood and made of metal. The metal ones can be used outdoors and they are easy to set up on the ground. The wooden easels are perfect to work with in a room. There are two types of wooden easels. One type is adapted to put it on a table and the next one is dedicated to work with it standing. The table easels are cheaper than the standing ones. For me it would be great, to have a standing one, I think it’s also good for any airbrusher, because it’s much more handy to work with an airbrush standing in front of the painting. I was searching for a cheap easel through the internet, but even the cheapest were expensive for me.

I knew that I need to take matters in my own hands. I was searching for a project of an easel in the internet, to do it myself. I haven’t found any technical drawings of it. I said to myself: “hey, it shouldn’t be so hard” and I decided to do my own project.

I went to a shop with building materials, I bought some wooden slats, few nails, a hinge, some metal angles and some small screws with sharp endings. From the tools I needed a hammer, a driller, a saw for wood, a screwdriver and a file.

After 3 hours of work I made my first easel!


I was so proud after doing it, that I was staring on it for about an hour. In the future I will describe how it was made.

While making your own easel, you can adjust all parameters for your size and comfort.



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